Gothic Sluts

November 6th 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn 0

This gothic sluts going to bang out a big one! Check out her self shot at home video of her masturbating up a storm. Ripping that gothic pussy apart ramming her fingers up that sweet gothic pussy, man I LOVE IT! She has piercings on her nipples like most gothic sluts do, you can tell she’s into a lot of kinky shit, and she really likes it rough, just my kind of woman, I am getting all wound up just thinking about how hard and rough I would fuck this little gothic sluts pussy! Click on the pics to watch her tear it up, you know you want to!


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More Emo Cuties

November 5th 2010 by Emo Porn in emo sluts 0

Here are some more emo cuties. Haven’t really been posting too many emo sluts lately, some how I got on an alternative rant, oh well, here are some emo cuties to make up for that. Nothing really special about these girls, just some really cute emo sluts, that I thought you would enjoy. When you click on these pictures there are a ton of other emo cuties too, so make sure you click on them, I think there are about 20 different emo girls, so if you dont like these girls, I’m sure you will find some on the next page! Enjoy!

super cute emo sluts picBoob TattoosEmo Teen

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Cute Alternative Girls

November 4th 2010 by Emo Porn in emo sluts 0

Just a quick post of cute alternative girls. This site is pretty good, I have to admit, they have all kinds of alternative girls, whether they be rock girls, emo girls, punk girls, goth girls, or other types of freakish girls. They have just about everything, which means something for everyone. I definitely think that it is worthy of being checked out, and I think that it is a must. So go ahead and check it out. Click on the pictures to see even more of these hot alternative girls naked!

Big BoobsHot Emos Boobs

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Cute Goth Girls

November 3rd 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn 0

Here’s a cute Goth Girls home movie of her stripping down for the camera, and then masturbating with herself. She’s actually more of one of those weird alternative chicks, but the kind that would always hang out with the goth crowd, because she wasn’t exactly punk, and she wasn’t exactly cool, so somehow she ended up tagging along with the goth girls at her school, doing all the bad things she wasn’t supposed to, probably going to all age parties and getting in trouble. Oh but goth girls grow up so fast, and that’s one thing I love, is that they gain experience, and want to please. So check out this goth girls videos, just click on the pictures to see even more videos of her.


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Bloody Tattoos

November 2nd 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn 0

Here’s MEOW MISTI DAWN with her tattoos covered in blood, perhaps a little to late for Halloween, but who cares. I’m keeping up with the scary gory theme until I get tired of it. And by the way these pics should be making you horny! This site by the way is BRAND SPANKING NEW, so if you want the freshest content that’s new Meow Misti Dawn could be for you. Originally you could find her on sites like Joanna Angel, or Burning Angel, but now she has her own site 100% dedicated to her – YAY! I think you should check it out. More more Meow Misti Dawn pictures, click on the ones below to see more!

Gore GirlBloody Tattoos

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Wicked Joanna

November 1st 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn 0

Joanna Angel gets wicked for Halloween. I love Joanna angel, she’s a hot punk porn chick that’s really into what she does. If you’ve ever seen her pictures or videos, you know that she is extremely hardcore, likes to take it in the but, likes to finger fuck girls hard, loves to eat pussy, and just loves to get fucked! You can go wrong with Joanna Angel, she will do just about anything, and loves it and that’s what I love about her! Click on her pictures to see more of her ripping her pussy apart!

Joanna AngelPunk Porn Pussy
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Happy Halloween

October 31st 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn 0

Happy Halloween! In keeping it real with the Halloween spirit, I wanted to post lots of gory, scary, goth & punk porn. I hope you don’t mind! And since I like my own brilliant idea so much, I’m going to keep up with the theme until I get bored! So I hope ya don’t mind. I super duper love punk porn, because it’s so graphic and hardcore, These chicks really love to fuck hard, and get plowed. Just a couple pics today, but click on them to see a whole lot more :)

Skull PussyHalloween Chick gets Fucked

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Alt Porn VS Nature

October 30th 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn 0

Here’s an interesting concept, what do you get when you throw together a hot alt porn model, and nature? Well it’s not a joke, and I don’t have a funny witty answer, but you do get a really hot set of pictures as you can see below. This alt chick is really sexy, so I thought I should post her here. I didn’t want to spoil the ending, so I want you to click on her pictures so that you can see the rest of them. That’s it for now, enjoy this hot alt porn star :)

Tattooed Boobs

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Burlesque Babe

October 29th 2010 by Emo Porn in Punk Porn, emo porn, emo sluts 0

Here’s a hot burlesque babe, not a stretch from the usual emo post, but still fits within the alternative genre. She has got killer makeup, I love her lips, and her piercings on her lips. As far as her body goes, it’s a little bunk, she’s got a little bit of baby chunk to her, but I guess that doesn’t matter, nothing a quick jog couldn’t whip back into shape. Well I though she was pretty unique looking and I thought you might like her. So if you do please click on her pictures, there is a whole set of her, and a couple of other burlesque babe. EMO PORN – OUT!


Hot Alt ChickBurlesque BoobsBurlesque Vagina

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More Emo Pussy

October 28th 2010 by Emo Porn in emo porn, emo sluts 0

Just bringing you more emo pussy, because I know you love it. Actually I am a huge fan of this site called GIRLFRIEND ORGASMS it has thousands and thousands of emo pussy to look at all day long. If ever there’s no need to fantasize about something, and all you need to see is sweet emo pussy, then this most definitely is the place to go. PLUS, did I mention you can JOIN THIS SITE FOR JUST $1! Come on people, thousands of emo pussy for just $1, now that is totally worth it. If you love to eat, fuck and stare at pussy all day like I do, then click on these slutty pussies to see more! EMO PORN – OUT!


Stuffed PussyEmo Pussy dripping with girl cumDildo in PUssy

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